[LOC] Stormhold A&S Collegium with Ball

What better way to enjoy winter, than indoors with your friends, learning new skills (or teaching them) in a friendly, warm environment?

Come along to Stormhold's Arts & Sciences Collegium, with a Ball on the Saturday night,
23 & 24 July, 2011.

Saturday - 9am to 11pm, with the Ball from 7pm (and dedicated dance stream all day leading up to it).
Sunday - 10am to 5pm

Location: Sunbury Neighbourhood house & Community Centre, Elizabeth Drive, Sunbury (next to the Fire Station).

Event Costs as follows
Members / Non-Members / kids 11-17.
Full event - $35 / $40 / $20
Saturday with Ball - $25 / $30 / $15
Sat Day only - $20 / $22 / $10
Ball only - $15 / $17 / $5
Sunday only - $15 / $17 / $5
Children 0-10 free

Dependent on teachers there may be some additional costs for certain classes, for materials (if needed).

Lunch will be served both days, with a soup kitchen style dinner on the Saturday night, before the Ball, with a sideboard available during the Ball.

Billeting and airport transfers happily arranged as required - please contact our Bookings Officer or Steward.

Event is garb free, except for the Ball on Saturday night.

To book, please fill in the booking form To book, please fill in the online booking form.
The booking officer, Lady Alliette, will then contact you with payment and other details.

Steward - Master Hanbal al Barbari - Baron Stormhold (hanbal_reis {at} yahoo.com)
Bookings - Lady Alliette Delecourt (ilubomirska {at} gmail.com)

We are very eager to hear from propective teachers at this stage (please contact the autocrat). At this stage it is envisaged there will be 4-5 streams, with classes scheduled for 1hour duration each.

Education Streams will be:
- Combat stream - theory / unarmoured work on the Saturday, with armoured activity on the Sunday.
- Dance stream on the Saturday leading into the Ball, continuing to the Sunday if there is sufficient interest from teachers
- 2-3 more streams, dependent on teachers and subjects available.

We also encourage any and all of the populace of Stormhold and surrounding groups to makes requests for specific subjects that you would like to learn.