[MID] Encampment X

It's been 10 years in the making, and you don¹t want to miss it! Three Towers is pleased to host our annual event: Encampment X: Back Into the Woods!

Medina SHC Camp Paradise  4279 Paradise Road
Seville, OH 44273-9353

June 3-5, 2011  Site is BONE dry!
Site opens 7PM Friday June 3; site closes to SCA members at 10AM Sunday, June 5.

We’ve washed up at a new site. Camping is back!
It’s a whole new world at this completely HC accessible site.

Fees: Pre-reg or at the door: $8;  $8 feast (limited to 64 guests).
Tent camping free; pre-register with steward prior to May 30.

Contained fires only. No open ground fires, no tikis.

Cabins are HC accessible, $2 bunk fee.
A limited number of cabin spaces are available, bunks are $2 each.
Book bunks directly with the event steward BY PHONE prior to May 20.

Pre-register, and beat the line at Troll!
Checks should be made payable to: SCA, Inc. Marche of Three Towers
Mail to the event steward:

Katarina Peregrine (Karen Johnson)

Look for fun New World themes throughout the day, mateys!

Come for all the outdoor fun: armored and rapier combat and archery, plus we’re working on classes. Who knows...we’re just up for a fun day in the forest!

Archery: When you’re washed up on the beach, you have to eat what you find ...or what you can shoot! Points assigned on what you “bag for dinner!”

TWO themed A&S displays/bean counts:
Best entry on New World theme
Best entry on shipwrecked/looted booty theme
A&S: Barbara Webster

Heavy weapons: You’re being boarded by pirates.
Which weapon will you get? Only Lady Fortune knows.
Marshal in charge: Akira  mjohnson37@neo.rr.com
There will also be opportunities for authorizations, number of marshals permitting.

Rapier: Let’s just say there won’t be another opportunity for schtick like this all summer! Bring all you’ve got--especially your sense of humor!
Gabriel Baum sjn619k@yahoo.com

Want to teach a class? Contact Katarina at karenjohnson@neo.rr.com.
New World, Old World, it’s all welcome! You’ll be teaching in a small air-conditioned cabin that seats 10-12 adults; chairs and tables provided. Ideal for a extended workshop session.
There is NO internet access on site during the event.

Enjoy our Fourteenth Century English feast!
Contact Giles fitz Alan, feast chef with concerns or questions:

From the north and east: Take your best route to

Ohio I-76 East. Exit I-76 East at exit 2, to Ohio SR3. Turn right, follow Wooster Pike/Ohio SR3 to Paradise Rd/County Highway 121*.

From the west and south: Take your best route to Ohio I-76/SR 224 West. Exit at I-76/SR224 West exit#2, to Ohio SR3. Turn left, follow Wooster Pike/Ohio SR3 to Paradise Rd/County Highway 121*.

All directions, once on Ohio SR 3: Drive 3.1 miles to Paradise Road/County Highway 121. Turn right on Paradise Road/County Highway 121, and drive about 1 mile to the camp. Look for the Medina SHC sign and SCA banners at the gate. Turn left into the gate.

*Site is approximately 6 miles from the I-76-Ohio/SR 3 exit in Medina County.