[EAL] War of the Trillium 2011

War of the Trillium 2011: The Scottish Wars of Independence - June 29 to July 3, 2011

Heber Downs Conservation Area
5485 Coronation Road, Whitby, Ontario

Site Admission Fees
Arrival Date     SCA Member     Non Member
Wednesday - June 29
    $35.00     $40.00
Thursday - June 30
    $35.00     $40.00
Friday - July 1
    $30.00     $35.00
Saturday - July 2
    $25.00     $30.00
Single Day Trip (per visit)
    $10.00     $15.00

Site fees include Kingdom Event Tithe. Failure to provide a valid SCA membership card or valid proof of membership paperwork may result in the Non-Member rate being applied.
No pre-registration is available. All camping and parking is first-come, first-served.
No cheques are accepted - either at the gate or in advance. Cash only.
Activities Overview

Our theme this year is the Scottish Wars of Independence. The Wars were a series of military campaigns fought between the independent Kingdom of Scotland and the Kingdom of England in the late 13th and early 14th centuries. Pick a side and earn points for the English or Scottish teams to see who will win the day! Points will be awarded for enthusiasm, so dress the part, wave the colours and make a whole lot of noise!

The entire site is discretely damp, but no visible bottles or cans please.

Armoured Combat: Duke Berus is working hard to create a schedule that will make you too tired to stand! He's planning woods battles, field battles and some great new scenarios that will surprise you! Don't forget our torchlit tourneys!

Rapier Combat: Lady Jocelyn has some exciting new tourneys and battles based on our theme that will keep you playing until well after the torch lights are lit. Plan on being exhausted!

Archery, Thrown Weapons and Youth Combat will be offered, with a woods walk and some fun new ideas. Keep checking the site for updates!

A&S: Mistress Nicolaa will be posting her schedule for us as soon as she can. She's still looking for teachers, but the class list is starting to fill up. Plan on checking out the artisan's row again this year as well as enjoying our new location in the permanent picnic shelter.

Site Rules
As usual we are looking for volunteers, particularly for the parking Marshal and at the Gate. This is a big event and we always need help! We will have volunteer sign up sheets at the Gate, but if you contact us ahead of time, it would certainly make us feel loved. Also, taking a shift give a point to your chosen team and we will be giving a prize to the person who does the most volunteer shifts at the event!

Dogs are permitted on site but must be leashed. Annoying, loud or agressive dogs will be required to leave the site.

Children must be supervised as per SCA standards. No feral children, please.

This year, we have eliminated the preferred parking fee. Due to site limitations, we feel that we do not want to try to manage a preferred area. Please note however, that we will be strictly enforcing parking rules. Baron Tiberius will be leading our parking team and we will be directing traffic closely.

We will not permit double parking, sharing passes or other such naughty things. We may have to ask some people to park to the side of the road coming into site as well, but these areas will be clearly marked and you will be directed to your spot by staff. Once you are given a spot, do not switch unless directed by Tiberius or his clearly designated staff. People not abiding by the parking marshall's direction will be removed from site and all cars not parked as directed will be towed. We hate to be firm about this, but it has been a big issue and we're trying to work with what resources we have.

Accessible Parking
Please note that there will be limited designated accessible parking locations available, by reservations only. All reservations must be send to the Event Stewards at TrilliumSteward at gmail dot com no later than 6pm on Friday, June 24th. We will only designate enough parking as disabled for those who pre-register, so if you plan on attending and need this service, you must email us. Also, proof of disabled parking status (window sticker or card) must be provided to the Gatekeeper when you sign in or you will not receive your spot.

Directions to the Event

Basic Directions: Take Hwy 401 to Hwy 12, Brock St. in Whitby (Not Brock Rd. in Pickering). Go North travel through town to Taunton Rd. (Intersection has traffic lights and a Petro Can gas station on NE corner) Turn West to Country Lane Rd. Turn North onto Country Lane Rd., Follow it until it ends in a "T" and hang right. If in doubt follow the signs. After setting up it is required that all participants will park their vehicles in the designated parking area.

Alternate Directions from the West: Take Hwy 401 to Salem Rd. in Ajax. Go North to Highway #2. Turn East to Lakeridge Road. Go North about 5km to Taunton Road. Turn East onto Taunton Rd. and follow to Country Lane. Turn North onto Country Lane Rd., Follow it until it ends in a "T" and hang right. If in doubt follow the signs. After setting up it is required that all gentles will park their vehicles in the designated parking area.

SPEEDING WILL NOT BE TOLERATED Please drive slowly in all populated areas. Even if you have paid your gate fee, speeding anywhere on site is unsafe, dangerous and will result in your removal from site.

As usual, we are delighted to host merchants, free of charge. Please note that you must pre-register for your spot no later that 6pm on Friday, June 24th. Email us at TrilliumSteward at gmail dot com with your request and the actual footprint of your tent. Merchants will be allotted a 12 foot road frontage, first come, first served. If you need more space, we will discuss this with you. If you do not pre-register, we cannot guarantee a space in the Merchant's Row, but you will be welcome to set up your sales booth in the camping area. Please make sure to include a small description of your wares so we might add them to the website.
Showers, Wash Water and Toilets

The Canton will be supplying washing water and an area to shower this year. We will be purchasing solar shower bags and there will be plenty of clean water on site for folks to have a nice warm shower. Feel free to bring your own bags or other shower devices to use in our facility as well.

Also, camps are permitted to use their own showers, as long as they are able to meet certain conditions:

    * no gas power generators
    * no permanent structures or structures that involve major construction such as skids and 2x4's
    * a sump must be dug into the grassy area and refilled as per the campfire policy
    * all soaps and shampoos must be certified organic and bio-degradable

The Honourable Lord Berend will be managing the toilets this year. Not only will he be putting up the lace curtains again, he will be putting his fancy Biology degree to good use and working on the aroma of the area. We can assure you that the site has already begun cleaning the toilets and the event staff have already begun our side of the process. We accept that this is a very important issue and are working our hardest to make it the best it can be. We certainly appreciate your help in keeping things as clean as possible too.

Co-Event Steward: Earl Sir Nigel MacFarlane     TrilliumSteward@gmail.com
Co-Event Steward: TH Lady Mahault of Swynford     TrilliumSteward@gmail.com