[MER] Inter-kingdom Fighter Practice and Cookout

The good gentles of East-central Georgia--Meridies and Atlantia--invite you to join us for a cross-border get-together on Saturday, 4 June 2011.

Atlantia's Shire of Border Vale Keep (Augusta, GA) and those of us in the Meridies' kingdom lands (no local group) between Augusta and Bryn Madoc, invite folks from throughout Meridies and Atlantia to come out for an afternoon of fighting (armored and rapier), neighbor-meeting, project-sharing, goodwill-building, and cooking-out at the Diamond Lake Recreational Park in Hephzibah, Georgia (http://www.augustaga.com/augustaparks/diamondlakeregionalpark.php) at about 1pm on Saturday the 4th of June.

Sir Brian Killian, Border Vale Keep's Marshal, has promised to roust some Atlantian Knights and Nobles for armored combat.

Don Kazimir Petrovich Pomeshanov, Companion of the White Scarf of Ansteorra, now of Meridies, will host the rapier, and lays a challenge to his Atlantian White Scarf brothers and sisters, and Meridies' MOBsters, to come cross blades. (I am on Facebook by this name, or can be reached at cyranorocks@gmail.com)

Baroness Cathlin Sommerfield, of Meridies, will keep us all in line. She encourages everyone to bring a project to work on and discuss.  (She is on Facebook by this name, or can be reached at cathlinsommerfield@gmail.com)

We will try to arrange crash space, as needed.

The Facebook event notice for the Joint Cookout and Fighter Practice:

We really hope to see you there!  Please feel free to cross-post this at will to spread the word.

Baron Kazimir Petrovich Pomeshanov
Meridies, just outside Augusta, GA