[ANT] Egil Skallagrimson Memorial Tournament

The Egil Skallagrimson Memorial Tournament returns for the 37th year in a row. Please join us on Memorial Day weekend, May 27th-30th, at beautiful Lynx Hollow Park outside of Creswell, Oregon. Egil's XXXVII is autocrated by  HL Andrew Crowe and HL Telisia Brutusdottir.

Oregon State Parks Department will be patrolling during the event & will be ticketing any cars not parked in the parking lot or designated handicap parking areas. Any cars not moved once ticketed will be subject to towing.

Classes and messes, and wood shavings, and armor making, arrows, and, and, and.....
Yes, indeed, there will be MANY opportunities for fun and learning all weekend long at Egils. We'll see the return of our wildly popular Bardic evening, a full slate of classes on Saturday, a whiz-bang series of archery shoots OUTSIDE of the regular Three Pillars Competition, and a bunch of other stuff, too! Click on the links in the main menu for more information! 

Artisans' Village
Imagine, if you will, a collection of artisans, all working in an outdoor space, building armor, casting pewter buttons, carving chairs, baking bread in a brick oven, throwing pots, dying fabric and wool....this is the Artisan's Village. We have a lovely three day long weekend where we can come together and indulge in the messier arts that we love, with plenty of space and fresh air.

We're continuing the new tradition - a place where those less tidy arts can be explored and shared with others of like minds - but this time it's going to be even larger and more extensive, with a number of different types of arts and sciences displayed and demonstrated. We'll be sure to put up a list of artisans who are coming soon, but rest assured that Alysaundre already has quite an impressive list lined up, with more on the way. Please contact him if you are interested in being a part of the Artisans' Village! You can find his contact information in the menu under "Egil's Staff".
Preregistration is now Open.
There are two options for pre-reg:
Option 1: Use the ACCEPS site to register electronically with your credit / debit card.
Option 2: Print out the registration form and mail it in.   .pdf or .doc

General questions may be directed to autocrat@egils.orgThis e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it and we look forward to seeing you at Egil's this year!

Getting to Lynx Hollow State Park in Creswell is surprisingly easy.

* From the North or South,  take I-5 to the Creswell Exit #182 and turn west at the end of off-ramp.
* Turn left onto Hwy 99 directly after railroad crossing.
* Turn left on to Davisson Road, going up and over the railroad tracks.
* Park entrance is 2.3 miles on left, directly across from state park sign.

 Drive on in, check in, and there you are!

The road doesn't have a name and the address is not apparent.  If you use Google Maps to get there you can input the Longitude and Latitude (in bold below). The locale below is within a few yards of gate.  :-)

Lynx Hollow Park
Creswell, Oregon

We've been at our park for six years now, working with the Oregon State Parks Department through an Adopt-a-Park agreement. All of our work is paying off in a beautiful, lush site with plenty of room for camping and revelry.

We have a lovely and charming site, but it does have a few things that you should be aware of. There has been poison oak found in various places. We’ve worked on removing it, but it’s pesky and wily, so please keep an eye out when walking in less tamed areas of the site. There are also downed blackberry canes along with some uneven ground and normal tripping hazards. Appropriate footwear and reasonable caution will make your ambulatory adventures a bit more safe.
There are several areas that, for safety reasons, are strictly off-limits: ALL the ponds are of limits to swimming and fishing, as the turtles don’t really enjoy our company, and the water quality is kind of icky, too. Persons found swimming will immediately assumed to be out of their minds, and will be asked to leave the event.

We do have close neighbors at this site so please be aware of that, and be your usual polite selves. If you come to a fence, or to an obvious property boundary, then you are at the edge of our world, and should attempt to not drop off of it. That would be trespassing, and we don’t do that in the SCA.

Please be aware that many of the standing trees are dead and extremely rotten. We call them Denmark. (Get it? Something rotten in the state of Denmark?) There are limbs and branches that may break and fall if climbed upon. Please stay out of your tree (or better yet, all standing trees) whether they appear alive or dead.

While preparing the site for Egils, deer, osprey and other cool animals, like raptors, coyote, quail, pheasants, raccoons, nutria and garter snakes have been sighted. Please be respectful of all wildlife you may encounter. Be respectful.

Be advised that there will be no power and no running water source available on-site this year (Like there ever was? Nope. Never--). There will be a giant water truck provided for drinking water. Not shower water. Not hair washing water. Drinking water.           
Some very energetic people have put in many hours of work on the site improvements--and they're going to get great camping sites and points in the Three Pillars competition. PLEASE remember this site is in the process of being developed and be thankful for all the amazing changes that have taken place in the last couple of years! And if you've read all this, and have gotten this far, you deserve a prize. More details on that will be forthcoming, so be sure to check back!