Gryffon Armory and the Green Gryffon Inn & Pub

The Gryffon Armory provides leather armor and accessories for the SCA, Larp, or anything in need of leatherwork. From costume and armor grade leather pieces such as bracers, gorget, and even full suits to frogs, sheaths, quivers, and, for the completist, dog harnesses for carts. They also deal in llamelar, scale, and even chain armor and jewelry. Gryffon Armory sells both online as well as in person at events.

The armory is part of the "Green Gryffon Inn & Pub," which is a "mobile hotel" of Viking period tents and encampments. Want to come to a large event but don't want to go through the hassle of setting up, tearing down, camping, cooking, and just want to have fun? Are you a newcommer to the SCA and want to give it a try? Check their schedule and rent from them. Why stay in a hotel when you can stay on site in a period Viking encampment? They also sell the very tents you will be using. Come try out an event, and you have the option to take home the actual tent where you stayed.