"Twice Told Tales, Rumors and Heresay" Help Celebrate Midrealm's 35th Anniversary

Step back into the past and share memories of the SCA long ago when the Midrealm celebrates its 35th anniversary at the Kingdom A & S and the Crown Tournament to be held May 29-31, 2004 in the Barony of Roaring Wastes (Detroit, MI). Ever wonder how someone earned the sobriquet "Corwin Corwinsbane"? Why the Barony of Northwoods is known as "The Lost Barony"? Who were the vaunted "Moonwulf's Rangers"? The answers to these questions, plus other gems from Midrealm past will all be revealed when the Barony of the Roaring Wastes hosts "Twice Told Tales, Rumor and Hearsay--the Participant's history" the Saturday evening of Kingdom A & S.

This Spring's Kingdom A & S and the Crown Tournament roughly coincide with the 35th Anniversary of the first Crown Tournament of the Middle Kingdom making this event an appropriate time to "look back" at the Midrealm's historical (and sometimes mythic) past. Event Stewards are hoping to arrange for an outdoor campfire to serve as the appropriate setting for this discussion and state that anyone with a story to tell or a willingness to listen can attend. If you want to be placed on the program in advance, please send Baron Gundric Fawkes an e-mail (barongundric@earthlink.net) or a private message can be sent to him on the Legio Draconis website. We look forward to seeing you there.