Tournaments Illuminated editor seeks articles

Riordan MacGregor, the new editor of Tournaments Illuminated, is seeking articles for the SCA's magazine.

Riordan MacGregor writes:

Good cousins and nobles all:

I've recently stepped up as editor of the Society's quarterly magazine, Tournaments Illuminated. TI publishes articles written by and for Society members: from research on aspects of daily life in Society period, to pieces detailing the construction of clothing, tourney gear, and all those other things we use at events (including Society-period-style disguises for modern items). TI also aims to highlight individual aspects of Society arts martial, whether from the historical or SCA perspective: heavy, rapier fence, archery, equestrian, siege weapons; from tactics to warm-ups to garb.  Administrative articles, reviews of books of historical interest, and other materials also are sought. TI has a wish list of articles we'd like to see; topics include: Carving (wood or stone); Eleanor of Acquitaine; leatherworking; the historical MacBeth; musical instruments; papermaking; Viking pottery, and German and Russian garb. 

Of course, first someone has to write them. I know you all are busy; I also know that you are talented folk and generous with your efforts. I invite you to visit the TI pages on the Society's website and have a look; further information and full submission guidelines are there. 

Many thanks for your time and attention, and your patience. 

In service to Tournaments Illuminated and to the Society, I remain yours most sincerely  

Riordan MacGregor