[CAL] Raid or Trade 2011

The City of Constantinople is being threatened by the Ottoman Empire. They are threatening to shut down the Spice Trade Route which runs through the city from China and India to Western Europe. We must stop the Ottoman Empire. The Spice Must Flow!

Baronial Investiture
Join the Barony of Coeur d'Ennui in celebrating the investiture of our new Baronage.

This is a camping event in and around the Renaissance Faire Town.  There is no camping fee.  (We are using the site of the local Renaissance Faire -There is no Renaissance Faire taking place---It just us!)

Food will be available on site.
Cooking fires are permitted with proper precautions and must have a grate (That’s what makes it a cooking fire).

The sale or distribution of alcoholic beverages is not allowed by the site.  Alcohol for personal consumption is allowed.

Site and Times
Sleepy Hollow Sports Park,
4051 Dean Ave.
Des Moines, Iowa 50317
Site opens 3pm Friday, July 15
Site closes 12pm Sunday, July 17

Adults:  $5
Children 6-15:  $3
Children under 5:  Free.
($5 non-member surcharge applies   -   $20 family cap)
Make checks payable to:   SCA, Inc. – Barony of Coeur d’Ennui

Event Staff

Event Steward
Lady Agnes von Heidelberg

Merchant Steward
Lady Una Billie

Equestrian Coordinator
HL Byrhtwynn aet Cwenagraefan