[NOR] Quest for Camelot 2011

Come to the Black Hills this Spring and join us in our Quest to make Camelot come alive again! At Quest for Camelot, the Kingdom of Northshield defends it's borders against the incursions of the Outlands and Artemesia.

Site Info    
Nemo Guest Ranch
Nemo, SD

Site opens 12pm Thursday May 19 and Closes at 12pm Sunday May 22th

A&S Theme: Legends of the Period

Site Fees: $10 ages 16+, $5.00 ages 6-15, Free ages 0-5
$50.00 Family cap on Site Fees
Non Member Surcharge: $5.00
Camping Fees: $10.00 Per Night 1st Tent, $3.00/Night per additional Family Member Tent. .
Cabins 20% off of in-season prices. See Nemo's website for details. We have block reserved all but one cabin for this event. Contact campground and mention SCA for reservations. Cabin reservations must be in by 2 weeks prior to event (May 1, 2010). A 33% deposit is required at time of cabin reservation.

Pet Fees; $8.00 for the entire event if Camping. $8.00/Night in a cabin. Site requires all pets to be leashed at all times and cannot be left unattended in Cabins.

Horse Fees: $7.00/Horse/Night Water is available on Site. Owners are responsible for feed. We have reserved all 15 uncovered stalls for this event so that all of the SCA horses can be kept together. Horse owners per SCA policy are to camp in the area with their horses. Horse fees should be paid at Troll since we have already paid in advance for the stalls.

All Tent, cabin and Pet fees will be paid directly to Nemo Guest Ranch. and you will be given a tag/marker for each tent, pet or horse. this is to simplify the bookkeeping. Nemo Guest Ranch may do spot checks of your tags if not displayed on your tent, pet or horse. If unable to produce your tags they may ask you to pay for items you do not have tags for or remove the item.

Site is descreetly wet with one area restricted to no outside alcohol (this is close to the restaurant, which sells some alcohol).

Above-ground fire pits which have been commercially made will be allowed in camping areas providing there are no fire restrictions in place at time of event.