Estrella War XXVIII moves to new site and date

Mineko of Twin Moons, Estrella War Promotions, reports that Estrella War XXVIII (2012) will be held at a new site and a new date.


The Kingdom of Atenveldt is pleased to announce that next year's Estrella War will be held at a new site (Schnepf Farms in Queen Creek, AZ), and will be scheduled later in the year than prior wars (March 27-April 2, 2012). The decision to move the site was driven by the ending of the multi-year contract at the old site, and better options for contiguous camping to bring all the kingdoms together.

The new late March, early April dates provide historically better Arizona weather for campers (warmer average temperatures and lower average precipitation).  Estrella War was held at Schnepf Farms before, (from 1999 until 2002). However, the areas designated for the event in 2012 are completely different, and include a wooded area for combat, one contiguous camping area where attendees from all Kingdoms may camp (i.e., camping is not split by battlefields), and a number of amenities that were not available in 2002.

"The area used for Estrella 10 years ago was sold and is no longer part of the site. But we are really happy that new parts of the Farm have been developed for event rental. So, we are able to have all the activities we usually host, like merchants, archery, and equestrian. And we add some things we really wanted, like a camping area lined by trees for wind breaks, a camping area without berms, the option to do personal showers in the camping area because there are no grey water restrictions, and more.", says Lady Rowan, one of the Main Event Coordinators.

ABOUT THE SITE: Schnepf Farms provides quality family entertainment in a safe farm setting, and runs regular programs to educate and inform the public on Arizona agriculture. They are the largest organic Peach grower in Arizona, and operate an onsite 7 acre pesticide free garden, and a Country Store. In October 2006, Schnepf Farms was designated as an "Arizona Treasure" by Governor Janet Napolitano and Arizona Office of Tourism. For more details, see

EVENT INFORMATION: Schnepf Farms is close to lots of modern world amenities (hotels, major stores, a local airport less than 15 minutes from site, etc.), and offers a number of onsite facilities as well. For more information, including a SITE MAP, see, or contact the Main Event Coordinators: Mistress Katrina von Rosenberg, OP and Lady Rowan Bridget Blackmoor at

Yours in service,

Mineko of Twin Moons
Estrella War Promotions