The Far West Symposium Youtube channel is Alive!

Otto Spilman, Palatine Baron for the Barony of the Far West, reports that he has created a YouTube channel for SCA members in Japan, Korea and Thailand to share SCA classes in an online format.

His Excellency writes:

It's official, the Far West Symposium is Alive! What is this you might ask?  I have set up a youtube account FarWestSymposium, that will be our new home to provide SCA Classes that reach further then just our local SCA group meetings. I hope that with this, we can start something that no other barony or Kingdom has done yet. A one stop shop for all your SCA resources. What I'm asking local groups to do over the next 6 months is to start bringing a Camera to any SCA class that your local group is hosting. These videos can be uploaded
to the FarWestSymposium so all in the Barony can benefit! This also extends out to all the members of our Barony. If you have a particular SCA skill that you would like to share, please video yourself teaching. This could be anything from Marshal's showing how to do a proper Armor inspections, or Authorization, Fighting Techniques, Membership Recruiting, A&S classes, Court Ettiquette, Ranks and Titles, Heraldry... If you can think of it, and teach it, fire up the old webcam and record yourself talking, or teaching the subject. Please keep individual recording to around 5 minutes each. If the class takes longer, break the video up into multiple parts.  If you need some help editing films, then I can assist.  I am hoping that if we can get this up and running, and people outside of the Barony start finding our videos, we might get some long needed exposure and  start a new trend. I have been lucky enough to see two A&S Coronets, and everything that are artisans can do. Please take the time to share your skills with others.

Onto the second great piece of News. We have yet another new Youtube channel. SCAFarWestVideos. This channel will be used for everything else that doesn't fit into the "Learning" Category.  ie. Bardic nights, fighter practices, competitions, and events. Basically if you filmed it at an event, then share it with every one here.

Thank you for everyone's support.

Palatine Baron,
Otto Spilman