The "Shiksa" looks at Tudor cooking

On her blog The Shiksa in the Kitchen, Tori Avey discusses food in Tudor England and the "exotic and lavish culinary habits of the British royal monarchy during the 1500’s."

In addition to discussions of Tudor food and the Hampton Court kitchens, Avey offers a recipe for Tudor rice pudding.

From the blog:

Cooking for a hungry royal court of this size was no easy task; it required massive amounts of ingredients. A provisioning list from the reign of Elizabeth I reveals the quantity of meat cooked in the royal kitchens annually: 8,200 sheep, 2,330 deer, 1,240 oxen, 760 calves, 1,870 pigs, and 53 wild boar. Most of the meat was hunted on royal land, though some was supplied from the palace’s own pheasant yard and rabbit hutch. Fish for Lent was supplied by the palace Pond Garden. Fruits, herbs, and English mustard were grown and harvested on the palace grounds; more exotic ingredients like spices and citrus were imported from other parts of Europe and the Orient.