An Tir Announces Scribal Contest

The Kingdom Scribes Office of An Tir has announced that it will sponsor a contest for original award scrolls. In order to reduce the backlog of Kingdom scrolls, the Kingdom Scribes Office of An Tir has announced sponsorship of a contest for original scrolls that have been completed since last Twelfth Night. Scribes may enter more than one scroll. Prizes will include art supplies and scribal books. "Experineced" scribes are asked to provide at least one backlogged Peerage scroll.


  • Best Calligraphy
  • Best Novice effort (first or second Kingdom scroll)
  • Heralds' Choice (best use of heraldry on a scroll)
  • Populace choice
  • Best use of Period Materials (sponsored by the Kingdom A&S Champion HL Cystennin)
  • Best Kingdom Charter Design (must include both a painted and blank copy done by the entrant).

More categories may be added.

How to enter:

Entrants must provide the following:
  • Name and contact information
  • Calligrapher's name and contact information if different
  • Their experience levels, documentation for heraldry used on the scroll (registered - what and to whom)
  • Any documentation for the style of illumination/calligraphy
  • What award the scroll is for
  • Documentation for the materials (if you enter that category)

Entrants bring the scroll to be displayed in a frame, matte or on an easel.

Those interested should contact Sable Sable/Dame Tamlyn for an assignment at or 425-880-6209. Check the Crier for additional contact information under the Heralds' listings.