[LOC] Great Southern Gathering 2011

Let it be known that the Great Southern Gathering will be held in Ynys Fawr in the Modern year 2011. Starting in the evening of Friday, 30th day of September, to continue all weekend, day and night, until mid morning of Monday 3rd October, 2011

There shall be Arts and Sciences collegia, lessons and trial at arms in most combat styles including Rapier, and throughout there shall be in particular such lessons, collegia and concerts of diverse entertainments including poetry, harp playing, juggling, spoken presentations and singing (tutors and participants allowing].

The site for this event is known as the Woodfield Centre, situated on 160 Harbachs Rd, in Dysart, TAS, 30 mins drive from Hobart CBD. All meals, hot drinks, morning and afternoon nibblies, from Friday supper to Monday breakfast are included in the price, $135 per person, also includes accommodation in 8 or 12 bed huts with toilet and bathroom facility in each. Camp grounds are also available for hardy tent dwellers.

Merchants and tutors are especially encouraged to make yourselves and your interests known to the autocrat ASAP.

For bookings and special medical requirement notifications please contact the steward, Madelaine de Bourgogne by email; black.squirrel@y7mail.com