Realm of Venus sponsors Italian Ren costuming challenge

In celebration of its tenth anniversary, the website Realm of Venus is sponsoring The Italian Renaissance Costuming Challenge from April 21 to August 21,  2011.

The challenge is "to create a complete man's, woman's or child's late Italian Renaissance outfit of any social class and based on the period 1480 - 1610 from the skin out, including an accessory, in four months."

The winner will have their work featured on the website, and will receive a US$50 Gift Certificate donated by Reconstructing History as a prize for the Overall Winner of the Challenge!

From the website:

The Details

You'll have from April 21 to August 21 to plan, buy for, cut, stitch, assemble, complete, and photograph for submission an outfit from the skin out. This will be made up as follows:

Layer 1: A camicia/shift/smock/shirt or drawers or corset/pair of bodies. I don't expect you to make all three.

Layer 2: Either an underskirt or under-dress/petticoat, or doublet and slops.

Layer 3: The final layer will be either an over-dress, or a loose gown, or a cloak/cape.

Layer 4: An accessory - any one of the following: fan, pocket/pouch, hat/jewelled accessory for the hair, zibellino (also known as a "flea fur"), hanky, gloves, girdle, or shoes. A partlet, a set of Venetian shoulder/neck ruffs (if they are separate from the partlet), standing ruff/collar, and a muff are all also accessories.

More information and rules for the challenge are available on the website.