Shava's views of Bardic Madness 2011

Northshield Kingdom Chronicler Elashava bas Riva shares photos, video and memories of Bardic Madness, which took place recently in that Kingdom.

Shava writes:

We decided to describe the weekend as Cheese to Spam to Corn since Kudrun, Branaslava, Freydis and I set out on the long journey from eastern to western Northshield in a short period of time. Considering Freydis has an almost 7 hour trek to get from her place in the far northern reaches of Mistig Waetru just to get to our manse in Jararvellir, it's amazing what some of us will do for a day of bardic joy with our friends. We set out from the Upkeep early on Friday morning, traveling to 'Slava's keep in Rokeclif, two hours along the king's highway, to meet up with her and Kudrun before setting out for the rest of the arduous trek (another 12 hours hours) through the misty Northshield spring day to Schattentor. Along the way we encountered a museum dedicated to chopped meat products, a pavilion decorated with maize from the new world, tumbleweeds (and a head wind almost not to be believed), and the vast expanse of the Northshield countryside. The journey ended, eventually, after finding no room in the inn near the site as we had thought we had but another inn with a similar name not all that far away. We pretty much fell onto our pallets with barely a notice of our surroundings.

Saturday dawned bright and clear with many reminders why I love to journey to this far shire (though I prefer to give myself more time to enjoy the natural beauty and the kind folk at that end of the trail.) We had extra time after breaking our fast and so wandered a bit into the hills to see if we could encounter something interesting. We did--five bighorn sheep grazing in the drive of a manor house not far into the hills. It was a joy to witness. We went to join our fellow bards after that to while away the rest of the day performing for each other, teaching each other, and feasting until we were fit to burst. I am only sorry that fuel is at such a costly sum and many chose to stay closer to their kin for the holy feast day that there were so few of us (and even fewer who were just there to enjoy the performances.) Those of us that were there will not soon forget the joy of performance and camaraderie nor the generous hospitality of the Shire of Schattentor. Whether it was the young performers from the College of Tor Aerie or the seasoned veterans who help define the bardic arts in Northshield (Fiona of the Harp, Masters Owen & Ingus or MIstress Eliane and others), the melodies and words still linger in my mind.

They can linger in yours as well since I was able to capture the sounds and images in ways that I can share it with all who wish to share them. The moving images and sounds may be witnessed by going to and the still images that both HE Bridget and I captured can be viewed at If you wish to see some of the rest of the journey you can view those images at


-- I remain, in service to the Northshield, our Society, and most of all, to the populace~~ justShava?

Elashava bas Riva, CL, CP, Northshield Kingdom Chronicler