[MID] This Land Is Our Land

This Land Is Our Land “And We're Keeping It!”

June 18, 2011
Shoaff Park, 6401 St. Joe Road
Fort Wayne, Indiana

$5 for SCA Members, $10 for non-members
Lunch Provided on Site ($5)


    * The event is being held in a public park so please be aware of that.
    * However, the SCA has exclusive use of the Conklin Pavilion.
    * This is a dry site: no alcohol is permitted. (This is a Fort Wayne City Park rule.)
    * No real weapons are permitted. (This is also a Fort Wayne City Park rule.) Rattan weapons are, of course, permitted.
    * Since archery is not permitted within the Fort Wayne city limits, we regret that we cannot offer archery.
    * There is a playground area for children but there are no planned children's activities.
    * Big day camps are welcomed and encouraged at this site. The event is taking place in a public park so bring that festive pavilion and all your lovely banners!


    * Site Opens: 9:00 am
    * Site Closes: 10:00 pm


    * Fencing
    * Heavy Weapons
    * Thrown Weapons
    * A&S Competition
    * Siege Cooking Contest
    * Classes
    * Merchants
    * Dance
    * Desert Revel and Dancing