Joint Fighter Practice

We will be having an unofficial, northern regional fighter practice in Grand Rapids on Sunday, May 1, 2011 from 1PM until we get tired, or it gets dark.

The tentative site is the Veteran`s Memorial park. It is well shaded, and will hopefully be dry enough to fight. If not, an alternate site near/in Grand Rapids will be selected (we have a few options available to us). The final site will be decided on for sure soon and I will pass the information along. Other shires are being invited, and there should be a good crowd.

There will be loaner armor, and new fighters are encouraged to come. This is not an official SCA or Northshield event, and there will be no site fee, it is just a fighter practice.

At this time, I am unsure on the status of bathrooms on the site, more info soon. There will be water, but bring any food or other drinks you might want/need.

The focus will be armored combat, but if folks show up wanting to do rapier, they are welcome as are anyone who just wants to come hang out and watch and shoot the breeze. Its not often we all get the chance to get together as lands.

Location    Veteran's Memorial Park - Grand Rapids 7th Avenue SE & Highway 2, Grand Rapids, MN

Contact    Brynjolf/854-7248