SCA Archivist seeks historical material

Baroness Jocosa d'Auxerre, Chronicler of the Kingdom of Meridies, reports that Society Archivist, Master Aldred von Lechsend aus Froschheim, is seeking historical material for inclusion in the Archive.

Her Excellency writes:

Master Aldred, the Society Archivist, has put forth a call seeking items to help sustain the SCA Archive.  Items and printed documentation are desired from across the Known World.  As mentioned in the latest issue of Tournaments Illuminated, Master Aldred wants to let gentles know that he accepts the following items for the Society Archive: 

Newsletters and locally produced literature, event booklets, site/event tokens,photos, video and slides, SCA-group/event t-shirts, award regalia, fealty tokens, coins, and other documentation.
He encourages all SCA members to consider donating items to the SCA Archive on the occasions of cleaning out older SCA materials, and the same goes for groups when they clean out local branch stored inventories.  Any other occasion where SCA items are being cleaned out should be considered, such as the passing of a long time SCA member. 

Newsletters, event booklets and photos may be accepted electronically. Photos and artistic media/intellectual property must have proper release forms or will only be used for simple reference. Master Aldred reports that he estimates less than 50% of all local newsletters are being received by the SCA Archive.  If you snail or email your local newsletter, please add Master Aldred to your subscriber lists.

For more information, please contact Master Aldred:

Thanks for your time to consider this,
Baroness Jocosa