CalonSound Project christens new location with historic SCA songs

HL Mathurin Kerbusso has announced that the CalonSound Project, which chronicles the musical history of the Kingdom of Calontir, has moved to a new location. The move is celebrated by the release of a collection of songs by Mistress Safiya bin Suleiman.

His Lordship writes:

The CalonSound Project has moved to new location. The new address is The old address is being redirected, but the domain name will not be renewed when it expires this fall.

As a new grand opening treat, The CalonSound Project is pleased to present some songs from Calontir's past. They are the work of Mistress Safiya bin Suleiman who was known as Koska the Bard when she lived in Calontir and sang of Its struggle to be free.

These songs can be found here:

Hadhritik Safiya remembers, in her own words:

When Calontir was working toward growing from a principality of the MidRealm to its own kingdom, we were told by the BoD that it wasn't enough just to have excellent fighters.  Calontir had to demonstrate what might be called its own unique "kingdom culture".  Needless to say, this prompted a time of tremendous energy focusing on who we were and what we created.  Music turned out to be a big part of that and no event seemed complete without a circle of musicians playing a whole variety of songs they'd written or poems they'd found and set to music. Even now, Calontir has such a unique identity and part of that identity is being the "Kingdom that Sings".  I feel very honored to have been part of that experience and even more so these many years later to know that people still sing some of my songs.  Its astounding to me that after all these years people still know and remember my name as "Koshka the Bard".

Calontir Game is a filk of the old IRA song "The Patriot Game".  It seems very appropriate to the times but I was truly surprised at how quickly people took it up.  It seemed to articulate a lot of what people were feeling about our political situation and was passed from hand to hand on photocopies and sung quietly after hours around a lot of campfires.  It became one of the unofficial theme songs of the kingdom movement.

I wrote Greyhound Bound for Pennsic for the first big bus trip we all decided to make to the Pennsic War.  We went with the total intention to make our impression on the Knowne World, and although I wrote it before we even boarded the bus, it proved more than a little prophetic. That was the time when our small band of fighters introduced the Calontir Shield Wall that rocked everyone on their heels and we also took third in the Period Pavilion Competition.  The whole event was an amazing experience and singing that song on the bus home, worn out and smiling just put the icing on the cake.

Dream of Calontir is an original song I wrote after hearing that we were going to be granted kingdom status.  I really felt the need to put all those people who made it possible into song.

When I was asked to perform at the feast for our first Crown Tourney I knew I wanted to do something special.  Everyone's feelings were running high at the time and of course the temptation was to write something defiant and proud that we'd finally succeeded after so long.  but taking a second look at it I wrote a different kind of song.  Mountain and the Eagle is about separation and reconciliation - extending a hand of friendship to the MidRealm - after all it's where we'd come from and there were many people there who had helped us along.

HL Mathurin Kerbusso