[MER] Spring Crown List

MERIDIES AND THE SHIRE OF PHOENIX GLADE INVITE YOU TO JOIN US FOR SPRING CROWN LIST May 6 – 8, 2011. Woodsmen of the World Camp, Riversprings in McKenzie , Alabama.

Please join us as the best fighters in the Kingdom vie for the right to be Heir to the throne of Meridies.

Site opens at 5pm on Friday and closes at 11am on Sunday.

Feast is limited to 150 seats.  There will be Travelers Fare on Friday night. Saturday lunch is a fundraiser for the Royal Travel Fund.

Cabin space is limited to 112 beds.  There is unlimited camping.

This is a DRY site except for a restricted Tavern\Revel area. This is the ONLY place on site where alcohol is allowed. The revel area will be open only during posted times.

Pricing – Early bird discount is $2 if postmarked by April 15th

Adult Weekend $16
Child Under 13 Weekend $5
Add $7 for feast

Adult Day $12
Child Under 13 Day $1
Add $5 for Non-Members

Child Under 5 free
Family pricing per Kingdom Law (if paid portion includes feast, all unpaid eat too)

Please make checks payable to: SCA, Inc./Shire of Phoenix Glade.  Include the following: Modern and SCA name, membership number, expiration date, phone # and/or email.  Also include a list of those for whom you are reserving.  No animals allowed except documented service animals.