Arms for a Princess

The College of Arms in London has announced that a coat of arms has been created for Kate Middleton, Prince William's bride-to-be, in time for the royal wedding. (photo)

According to the Guardian, "The coat of arms, devised by the Middletons with the College of Arms, depicts three acorns and a blue and red background run through with a gold chevron: in technical, archaic French, terms 'per pale azure and gules a chevron or cotised argent between three acorns slipped and leaved or'"

The BBC story also provides a detail of both the Middleton device and Prince William's coat of arms.

Princess Heraldry

This was interesting article was suprised to see the shape of the heraldry is not a shield but I know there are later forms that have the fields appearing in different shapes. Wishing them both the best of luck.