[OUT] Mountain Mayhem

Mountain Mayhem - Sponsored by: Canton of Readstan Date: Saturday, May 7, 2011 Location: Cornerstone Park, 5150 S Windermere Street, Littleton Co., Southeast corner.

The Time for Mayhem is almost upon usÂ…   The Canton of Readstan cordially invites you to join us at Cornerstone Park for our annual celebration of wackiness in the sun and a festive fund-raiser. Warning! Be prepared for bizarre and unusual activities!

Combat: We will be auctioning off the helms of both heavy weapons and rapier fighters prior to the tournaments. To the winner go the spoils as well as to the one who won the combatant's helm in the auction. For those daring individuals there will also will have a Surprise Prize Melee of a most unusual nature to delight the combatants and crowd alike! Dazzle your friends, impress strangers and duck the vegetables!
Bring your cheering squad to root you on in deeds of daring do!  (Please remember to bring your blue and green cards.)

Prizes: Prizes will be awarded for winners of the tournaments as well as
to the holder of their helm or mask. For the Surprise Fun Tourneys, prizes will be awarded to the Winners and for the Best Death! Let us all feel the depth of woe in your tragic, most elaborate demise. Prizes will be awarded for the People's Choice Arts & Sciences Winner.

Auctions: The Silent Auction has many intriguing items coming in from all over the kingdom to appeal to your fancy, rouse your interest and ultimately drive you to mad envy such that you must make it your own. We will be offering items from local restaurants, entertainment spots, crafting supply stores and more.

Arts & Sciences, Children's Activities and Other Pastimes: Readstan will have an A&S people's choice competition and display. Our Usual decoration and Hobby Horse run for children of all ages is sure to be a blast. The races will be held mid-way through the day and win the prize purse! We start the day with a bake sale of such proportions that the tables groan and the senses are delighted. Coffee and Tea are also available. 

Bake Sale:
Please feel free to bring a baked good to donate to the sale as well as browse our selection of the finest baked goodies in the land! Sure to tempt even the most discriminating palate, we will have such items as cheddar chive and sausage biscuits for your morning's repast to luscious lemon bundt cake and dark sweet gingerbread, just to name a few items from the beneficent bounty of our Readstan bakers!  Pot Luck

Luncheon: Now is the chance to show off your prize picnic recipe! Bring your entrée, side, or other contribution (sodas, chips & dip, bucket o' the Colonel's finest, whatever you feel is a worthy contribution we will happily accept!)

Site Fees: Adults are $5.00, plus $5.00 surcharge for non-members. Children 5-16: $3.00.  Infants and toddlers age 0-4 are free. Family cap of $20.00 plus any applicable non-member surcharge Checks payable to SCA
Inc.- Readstan

Schedule:  8:00 early birds and the famous brute square 9:00 Set up, brute squad available to help unload and haul

10:00 Troll Opens

10:00 Bake Sale (to continue throughout the day with a delectable selection of delights both savory and sweet)

11:00 Opening Court should Her Excellency wish it

11:30 Helm & Mask Auction to benefit the canton

12:30 Heavy Tourney, Light Tourney, A&S Populaces' Choice, Children's Hobby Horse Construction,, Silent Auction, Pot-luck lunch (all at once, kind of)

2:30 Children's Horse Race

3:30 Heavy & Light Surprise Tourneys

4:30 Closing Court should Their Excellencies wish it, Prize presentations

5:00 Clean up, brute squad available to help load and haul 6:00 Vacate site

The site is Dry. (Which means nothing alcoholic is allowed on site.)
Nothing about this event is discreet.
Cornerstone Park has public park restrooms, water and ample free parking.

Directions:  From the North: take your best route to I-25 and Santa Fe (85); travel south on Santa Fe I-85 to Belleview Rd. Turn left heading east on Belleview Road. Go to Windermere (next light) and turn right
heading south.

From the South: take your best route to C-470 and Santa Fe (85). Head north on Santa Fe (85) to Belleview Rd. Turn right heading east on Belleview Rd. Go to Windermere (next light) and turn right heading south.

From the East: take your best route to I-25 and Belleview Rd. Head west on Belleview to Windermere Rd. Turn left heading south on Windermere Rd.

ALL: Once on Windermere Rd., go to the next light, Prentice, turn left heading east on Prentice. Pass the park and turn left at the next street, S. Hickory, turn left again into the parking lot. Cornerstone Park, 5150 S Windermere Street, Littleton Co., Southeast corner.  Look for the Red & Black SCA signs.