[CAI] Calafia Bardic at Potrero War, 2011

Two great concerts, Sunday night at Potrero war
(May 30th, 2011 Potrero War in Caid, Open Ramada)

First, Join us for the "Bards of A Feather" Family Concert!
(including the Rare Norwegian Blue....)
Starting at 7:00, we'll have a great family concert full of songs, stories, dancing, and all sorts of crazy-making. Good for All ages!

Our line... up includes:
Yonaton and Ilora (and the Mini-tons)
The Eben Brooks Band
Eilidh Swann
Maluchka Korotkova
The Horsemen
Toad Corners
Twisted Gypsy Dance and Drum Troupe
The always amazing Faizeh!
Sláine O'Dunne
(With much more, and with some great Surprise Guest Stars!)

With of course, your Masters of Ceremony, Baron Beorn of the Northern Sea, and "True" Thomas Whitehart, (Bard of Caid)
We will have some snacks and drinks for the kids, and we encourage people to bring beverages , blankets, and flashlights for the walk back to camp. The program will start with material for the smaller kids, and work into to PG, with the concert ending at 9:30.

Then, after all the folks 18 and under are encouraged to move along....
It's time tuck away all the regalia, and join us as the best snarky and bawdy material is brought out for the every popular....

The "NOT Quite Dead YET!" Bawdy Bardic Concert!
At 10:00 PM at the Open Ramada, Sunday Night

Yes, time once again to Barbecue those Sacred Cows and tasty Drama LLamas!
Explicit Lyrics, Politically Incorrect, *O.O.P.S. (only occasionally period songs) Absolutely no minor's allowed (and we will be checking!) Sense of humor required.

Dress Warm, Bring a Beverage,Blanket and Friend to share. Remember, "What happens a War, Stays at War!" t.m.
Our sensationally silly line up includes-

Yonaton and Illora
The Eben Brooks Band
Eilidh Swann
Maluchka Korotkova
Tenacious Bard
Toad Corners
Todde and Mora
And we'll be joined by a lot of People with amazingly funny stuff
who will deny everything later!
Hosted By of course by Beorn and True(Nuancers of the Naughty!)
Our concert ends at 11:30 p.m

Many thanks to the Potrero War staff, our volunteers, performers and the merchants of the war for all their help!

For more info about the Sunday night Concerts
Contact truethomas (at) bcglobal.net, or
(Facebook- "Robert Seutter")

Submitted for your persual by Selene Colfox, crafts services and dogsbody