D&D comes to life in Illinois park

Reality meets fantasy in Jeremy "Boo" Rochman Memorial Park in Carbondale, Illinois where kids and adults alike can experience the Dungeons and Dragons fantasies come to life.

On CNET's Crave blog, Amanda C. Kooser discusses her visit to the park which features a castle, wizards and a dragon.

...Dungeons and Dragons

...Dungeons and Dragons fantasies come to life...


Not referring to the SCA

They're talking literally about the game AD&D, not the SCA. This article's a little OT for us, but considering how many SCA folk (including me) got interested in the Middle Ages by first playing AD&D or something like it, and how much crossover there is between RPG, SF, and SCA, the article seemed something that will be of interest to a lot of our readers. We do a lot of really serious history links, so we also try to lighten it up a bit with articles like this.