Medieval art forum in Germany, September 2011

A open colloquium to discuss medieval art will offer researchers of many fields the opportunity to discuss their ideas. From September 21 to 24, 2011, the first Forum Medieval Art will take place in Halberstadt, Germany.

From the announcement:

The first conference offers a broad range of sessions: Architecture and Liturgy, High Medieval Textiles, England and the Continent in the High Middle Ages, Medieval Art and Nature, 13th Century Painting, Halberstadt Cathedral, Byzantium and the West, Charters - Seals - Images, Light in Religious Architecture of the 12th and 13 Centuries, The Importance of Inscriptions, Churches as Memorial Places, Between Treasury and Event, Art in Central Europe at The time of the P'emysl Dynasty, 12th and 13 Century Reliquaries, Architecture and Observation, New Research on the Church of Our Lady in Halberstadt.