[ATL] Drums of War

As Pennsic and War of the Wings approach, now is the time for the mighty warriors of Atlantia to sharpen their skills with blade and arrow. On the fields of Elchenburg Castle, melees of grand proportion in both heavy and rapier will offer opportunities for both practice and authorizations.

The time for preparation for these fierce upcoming wars is upon us. Archers and equestrian folk will also  find opportunities to hone their skills.

There will be A&S competitions and Classes for those who will keep the home fires
while they wait for their warriors to return home from the fields of battle.

And to remind us all of what we fight for there will be  dancing, song and good company for all.

Site Fees
Adult Member:
Pre-reg - $10.00 Includes Camping              At The Gate - $12.00 Includes Camping

Adult Non-Member:
Pre-reg - $15.00 Includes Camping       At The Gate - $17.00 Includes Camping

Pre-reg or At the Gate - Ages 3-17 $7.00 Includes Camping

Pre-reg or At the Gate - Ages 0-3 FREE Includes Camping

Cost Notes:
Make Checks Payable To: SCA, Inc. Canton of Baelfire Dunn

Send Your Reservations To: 
Lord Edmund Hawkesworth Email: edmund.hawkesworth@yahoo.com

A & S competitions and Classes
Drums of war is just around the corner and it’s time to start getting your A&S projects ready.

Competition #1:
Nothing scares your enemies more than thinking huge armies are attacking.
One thing that opposing armies can see from a long distance are banners. So the competition will be for the best banner that will either show kingdom, barony, canton, personal and/or household pride.
1. The banners will be displayed all day long around the fighting field. Exact times to be announced closer to the event.
2. You must bring your own pole and portable hole.
3. You cannot require any external lines/ropes to hold up the pole. We don’t want anyone tripping and getting hurt
4. You cannot use the list fence as support.
5. The pole can be no longer than 10 foot high. (see #3 for the reason)
6. No documentation necessary, this is all about making something pretty and showing pride.
7. There is no size requirement on the banner but please remember that you don’t want to make your banner so big it drags on the ground or hits people in the face.

Competition #2:
Fighters rarely get to participate in A&S because they are off defending their homes and loved ones.
Have a new helm you want to show off? A new tabard? New armor? Want an excuse to get some new things? Want to impress the ladies (or men)? It’s time to get it out and show it off. This year before they take the field, we will be having a fighter fashion show.

1. The fashion show will be before fighting begins for the day. Exact times to be announced closer to the event.
2. You must be ready to walk the runway errr battlefield and show off how fierce you can be.
3. No documentation is necessary this is all about having fun and looking GREAT.

Poetry of War
(sponsored by the Poeta Atlantiae)
As the soldiers prepare for war, the poets' pens fly and the words inspire the warriors to greater valor! Bring out your most inspirational war poem to help motivate our troops!

1. Write an original poem to inspire our warriors (based on a period poem or style). The theme of the poem should focus on battle, war, or an Atlantian warrior.
2. Documentation and performance are both graded, but not required. Performance should be limited to no more than 5 minutes.
3. You can still enter even if you do not attend! Email your poem to poeta@atlantia.sca.org. Email entries must be received by 1 week prior to Drums of War.

For more information please contact
Lady Aminah bint al-Megal'lid at kathygrimes@gmail.com

“Dancing Under the Stars for Charity”
Come dance in the castle on Saturday night. We ask that you bring a non-perishable food item as your entry fee. The food will go to support the local Second Harvest Food Bank.

Bardic Circle
Follow the sounds of songs and stories to the circle, where singers, musicians, story tellers and poets
are all welcome to share their talents. Good listeners are needed too!

Newcomer’s Welcome
A Newcomer’s Point will be set up to welcome and educate all those interested in learning more about the SCA. Newcomer’s Welcome Reception on Saturday afternoon.

Elchenburg Castle
2239 Center Road, Boonville, NC 27001

Site Restrictions:
Elchenburg Castle is a beautiful site but it is essentially a farm field. It may pose challenges to those with mobility issues. Please plan accordingly. Respect each other, the site and the staff. Ground fires are allowed if pits are filled in, stones and wood removed from site or to the woods. Alcohol beverages, consumption & sharing must follow modern laws. YOU MUST BE 21 to consume alcohol. If you share alcohol, ensure the recipient is at least 21. Violation is cause for being put off site. Pets are allowed Leashed and Attended at all times. Be certain to clean up after your pets.

From the South: Take your best route to I-77 North.
Take exit 82 and turn right at the end of the exit ramp.

*Proceed less than a mile and turn right onto Messick Rd. Proceed to the end of Messick Rd.
and turn left on Center Rd. Approx. 8 miles later is a Pure Oil gas station on the left.
1.4 miles past the Pure Oil station, turn right on Willow Lane, just past
Mitchel Chapel United Methodist Church. Signs will be posted.

From Hwy 421: Proceed to intersection with I-77 North, Exit 82, use directions from *

From I-81: Proceed to I-77 South to Exit 82, turn left at the exit ramp, use directions from *

From the East: Be Aware, signs from this direction are routinely stolen. Be certain to have a backup for finding site.

From Interstate 40, take exit to Highway 421 toward Boone and Yadkinville. This road exits from I-40 on the west side of Winston Salem near the intersection of Business I-40 and Bypass I-40. Continue on 421 until the Yadkinville/Highway 601 Exit. At the end of the exit ramp in Yadkinville, turn right toward Boonville. Proceed into Yadkinville, and turn left onto old Highway 421. From old 421 one turn right on Bugger Swamp Road, and at the end of Bugger Swamp, turn right on Center Road. Turn left on Willow Lane. If you see the Mitchel Chapel United Methodist Church, you have gone too far.

GPS Coordinates: North 36.17063 West 80.72893 Elevation 1088 ft.