[DRA] 3rd annual Herrnleis Encampment

For us a new year will begin and our annual encampment will take place in the beautyful landscape of the „Weinviertel“.

As the heralds spread out the words many the people will come to participate. It started as a simple party and as it was a tremendous success there will be a party again. As we now have a lot of new members and we await a lot of people who never had contact to the SCA …

The site is a plain meadow at the border of Herrnleis, 2126 Ladendorf (Austria), no street address, located about 50 kilometers north of Vienna. We will have some tents as crash space, water closet on site will be provided. The site is wet. A playground is on site.

The site opens 12:00 on Friday the 29th of April and closes 18:00 on Sunday the 1st of May.

Further information
There will be a shuttle service from the Ladendorf railway station. As it is a self-supply encampment there will be no feast. A tavern will be on site and a shuttle to a local supermarket can be arranged.

URL: http://www.sca-österreich.at/

Video of the 1. Encampment:

To make your reservation send an e-mail to schandmail-sca@yahoo.de
Driving instructions follow with the confirmation of your reservation.
Limited crash space may be available on request.

Payment information:
Event fee: € 15,- / kids under 14 free

Event Steward:
Arnulf der Zeilner
e-mail: schandmail-sca@yahoo.de