[CAI] Potrero War

The Barony of Calafia would be pleased for you to join them for Spring Potrero War, Thursday May 26, 2006 - Monday May 30, 2011, at Potrero Regional Park, 24800 Potrero Park Road, Potrero, CA 91963.

May Potrero War has been called “the Best Little War in the Known World”. Come find out why! There will be plenty of fighting for warriors of all forms to have their fill. Skilled merchants will be on hand for those who desire the full-contact shopping experience. Classes in the Arts and Sciences will be available during the day for both adults and children. Practitioners of the Bardic Arts will be there to inform, entertain and inspire us all. Come and be a part of it!

ARTS AUCTION! We will once again be having an Arts Auction to benefit local charity Saturday at 3pm at the stone tables by Merchants. Please come and lend your support! If you have an item you would like to add to the auction, please contact Illora of the West Lea.

LISTS: There will be a change this year to the way Lists are being administered. Lists will no longer be at Gate. Instead, marshals will be checking fighter cards during inspection. Lists will be available on the battlefield during scheduled fighting times to assist with administrative duties.

TOURNEY ERIC: There will also be a Tourney/Demo Eric set up by Merchants near the park entrance side. The Eric is there to be used for Armored, Rapier, Unarmored, Cut and Thrust and Youth Combat to schedule demos, tourneys etc. It is an excellent way to display your particular discipline to the populace away from the battlefield or Far Glen area. Use of Eric is for the use of SCA approved activities only, MUST be supervised by the appropriate Marshallate and List personnel, and MUST be scheduled. If you would like to schedule a demo, tourney, etc. please contact THL Michael Mallory.