Barbarians needed for film

Baronessa Giovanna Adimari, Midrealm Media Relations Officer, reports that she has been contacted by the producer of an upcoming web-based series seeking actors.

Her Excellency writes:

I have recently been contacted about a need for extras for a upcoming web-based series featuring Larry Elmore and Margaret Weis called the Brothers Barbarian. They will begin filming in May and are hoping to find members of the SCA to assist them in the atmosphere for these episodes. Some of the specific information regarding the filming is below.

I am making this annoucement for information purposes, only. People are more than welcome to participate with this project on an individual basis, but this should not be seen as an official function of the SCA. Mr. Whitman, who is the producer, is aware that we may be willing to help, but will not be attaching the SCA's name to this project due to the fantasy-based focus on the series.

Please cross-post to those who might be interested, and also feel welcome to contact me with future questions.

Yours in service,
Baronessa Giovanna Adimari
Midrealm Media Relations Officer


More specific information from the casting director:

We are look for three types of extras

1. Adventures.  full armor, about 2 to 4 people.
2. Orcs.  Big men.  Over 6 feet tall.
3. Tavern patrons. Dressed as simple tavern folk.

Must have their own costume. We are able to put them up for room and food.  It should be a really good time.

The shoot will be May 9-11 & May 16-18.

We are looking good for the first week, so we are more concerned about extras for the second week.  However, we are open to anything. Extras, should send a list of any acting experience and a head shot or pict in armor/dress.

The location will be at Doe Run Inn (  500 Doe Run Hotel Road, Brandenburg, KY 40108.  Extras will be responsible for transportation to the shoot. Information can be sent to

Thanx You for your help,
Ken Whitman