A night of song

Mistress Gunnvor of the Kingdom of Ansteorra reports that she has created a playlist of music familiar and appealing to members of the SCA in hopes that more will learn the "old songs." The list is available on YouTube.

Gunnvor writes:

Many are the songs that Bjornsborg folk have sung around the campfires. Here are most of the songs sung from the Olden Times. If you know of a better video, or have a superior MP3 version that you can send me, I can update the list or create a new video with the MP3.

A Night of Song

I believe you mean Mistress Gunnvor..............

We apologize

We received this item as a list posting in which the gender and title of Gunnvor were not evident. I have corrected the article, and we apologize for the error. Thank you for bringing this to our attention so it could be corrected.