[LOC] Tablecloth of the Golden Ducks

Good Gentles all, pray heed your taste-buds and come to the newest of the Epicurean Tablecloth of Gold events to be offered by Torlyon.

As well as a fair range of viands including hearty and warming Potages and other delights, a wide variety of dishes cunningly employing the canard in all its glories shall be placed before you. The Kitchen shall be staffed by Master Alex the Potter and Baron Bastian de Grosse.

Steward: Tosti Vikarovitch Bogolyubsky

Event Details
Event Date: 28/5/2011
Group hosting event: Torlyon
Event Name: Tablecloth of the Golden Ducks
Event Type: Epicurean
Event Time: doors open 5:30pm

Booking Details:
Booking cost (members): $45
Bookings required: Yes
Booking deadline: 20/5/2011
Booking contact: Tosti Vikarovitch Bogolyubsky
Email: tostig10@yahoo.com.au