Seeking photos of Countess Elaina for memorial

Countess Tamara Di Firenze has asked us to publish a request from Master Cerdic, for those SCA folk who may have photographs of Countess Elaina.

Countess Tamara writes:

I just spoke with Master Cerdic. The family is planning for a memorial of life in June, and additionally something at Pennsic for all of her friends from different realms (timing to be determined).  Cerdic plans on being at the [Pennsic] War if he can be, for two or three days.

He is bearing up as is to be expected, and is grateful for the well-wishes that have come his way.

Her Excellency Elaina rarely posed for photographs, and as such, he has few with which to celebrate her life and memory.  He asks that anyone who does have images of Elaina, from any time in her SCA career, could please share a copy with him, either electronically at or hard-copy at:

David Corson
3019 Fairlea Crescent #118
Ottawa, ONT K1V 0W1