[MER] Hit List

We the Barony of the Osprey do wish to extend an invitation to one and all to join us for a journey down the Silk Road in this the Year of the Metal Rabbit. Please come and join us at historic Fort Gaines on Dauphin Island for a weekend of fighting, feasting, and fun.

The Barony of the Osprey Presents
Hit List
April 15-17, 2011
Fort Gaines
51 Bienville Blvd.
...Dauphin Island, AL 36528

A Journey down the Silk Road in the Year of the Rabbit
This year's event will take us on a journey through the Chinese zodiac. Do you know what your sign is?
This year the pas de arms will be based on this concept. The tenans will represent the celestial gods and the venans are asked to represent their zodiac symbol. Though the pas de arms is traditionally a 14th century concept the field is open to all who would take up the challenge. Imagination and ingenuity will impress the gallery.

This site is discreetly wet, which allows us to have our traditional keg's champion tournament. This year in keeping with the theme it is thusly dubbed the Tournament of the Drunken Monkey.

This year we are thrilled to have our first ever Athenor Faire. This is an open A&S competition for all who wish to enter a project. No documentation will be required but encouraged. Competitors will judge their categories.

At the Door
Weekend  25
Weekend w/o feast  19
Day Trip  with feast 20
Day Trip w/o feast 14

Event Fees
Children 0-3 free admission.
Non-member fee:
Add $5.00 to above pricing
Family pricing per kingdom law
Make checks payable to:
SCA Inc. DBA Barony of the Osprey

Please remember, for each child attending an event without a parent or legal guardian must have 3 notarized copies of the child waiver form (1) adult supervising child (1) troll and (1) for parents.

Camping space inside the fort is limited! Period style tents and pavilions ONLY are allowed within the fort walls per fort regulations. There is plenty of room for mundane tents outside the walls. *** This is a high wind site, screw in auger style tent stakes are advised*** Also, only service animals permitted at the event and that information must be included with your reservation.

Heavy Fighting Schedule
8 am Armor inspection begins
9 am Grand Prix Melee – Open Weapons
10 am Hit List -Tournament of the Drunken Monkey
1 pm Pas de Arms –
The Celestial Gods take on the Signs of the Zodiac
Be prepared with crest
(see link for the Pas de Arms)

Rapier Fighting Schedule
8 am Armor Inspection begins
9:30am Zodiac Tournament
11am Tavern Brawl

Archery Schedule
8 am Armor inspection begins
10 am Target Shoot from Fort Wall
11am Zodiac Shoot planned

1st Remove
Fried Wantons
Egg drop Soup
Miso Soup
2nd Remove
Sesame Teriyaki Chicken
Asian Stir-Fry Vegetables
3rd Remove
Mongolian Beef
Summer Vegetable Rolls
4th Remove
Almond Cookies
Miniature Fruit Tarts

Pas de Arms
Yesugai Naran called Ucla, Vicar of Osprey, invites you to a pa de arms honoring the Far East. As the year
passes onward and the skies above change we honor this with a new take on our pas de arms.
In this Year of the rabbit members of the Celestial Court challenge the animals of the zodiac to prove
themselves on the field of battle. The zodiac has sent out a call to all those born under their influence to take up arms to meet this challenge. Our tenans will be taking the field representing the celestial gods and those wishing to participate as venans will make a representation of the astrological year in which they were born.

In the spirit of the event both tenans and venans are requested to create a crest to be worn upon their helm during their presentation and battle. These crests should represent either the celestial god or the
animal of the zodiac which they represent. The guide below should help you determine which zodiac symbol you represent.

The Celestial Maidens will choose the victor from all those who take the field. Whose champion
will shine on the field of the pa, will it be the cunning dragon, the nibble rabbit, the acrobatic monkey.