[NOR] Rumble in the Forest V

The Canton of Coille Stoirmeil Would like you to join us in the Forest for the Ruummbbllle! RUMBLE IN THE FOREST V May 6th -8th

Troll opens Friday at 6 pm. Close Sunday at 12 Noon
Site is at Wilton Community Hall 400 East St. Wilton, WI. 54670

** Take note HERE Please! Camping will only be allowed in the Village of Wilton CAMPGROUND
Fees for this public campground are collected daily by a Park Attendant.

Fee's are $ 6.00 per Adults, $ 4.00 children 18 and under. Electric is $ 3.00 , There is 50 sites on 5 acres of wooded land. First come, first serve. Please watch children for the camp sites are by the Kickapoo River.

Canton of Coille Stoirmeil site fee's are $ 1.00 per adult, $ .50 for children 18 and under. Non member surcharge applies.

Merchant fees are $5.00 Ingrid the Crafty is our Merchant o crat!
Wisconsin merchant forms applies.

Bring your own camping items, Please!
Feast fees are; ages 13 and up $ 10.00, ages 5 - 12 $ 7.50, under 5 free,
FAMILY Cap $35.00 Our chef is planning something real good!

On Sat. the 7th will be a Feast starting at 5:30 In the Hall. Time subject to change day of! Lunch by the young maidens of House of de Hagethorn

Site is handicapped accessible inside building.
Site is discretely wet.

Planned activities are
Armored Combat, Rapier Combat, Melee Combat and Sheep Ball if premitable. Lot of fighting and good FOOD! Silent Auction

Pay Showers on site $ .25 for 3-4 minutes

Medieval lighting Class, Proper Etiqette to Royals Class

Animals must be on a leash at all times, Please!

Make checks Payable to Canton Coille Stoirmeil SCA Wisconsin Inc.
Questions or what have you to Kori  - Autocrat is: Kori Redjohan bardicforest@yahoo.com or
koric4@earthlink.net   (main email)

Email inquiries to Matthias of Rolling Oaks, limos112@hotmail.com