Pennsic 33 Performing Arts Schedule Announced

Lord John von der Velde, Pennsic Performing Arts Coordinator, has announced the Performing Arts Center schedule for this year's War. Lord John von der Velde writes:

Saturday- 8/14
7-9pm - The Musical Stylings of Master Efenwealt
Master Efenwealt has amused and awed audiences for years. Come help him open the Performing Arts Center Season and see one of the Masters of period music.

9-11pm Wolgemut
The internationally renown musical group is back for another year at the Performing Arts Center. Their upbeat and exciting music has thrilled audiences all over the world and it will thrill you, too.

Sunday- 8/15

7:30-9pm - A Charity Concert by Duke Master Moonwulf Starkaadhersson
This annual event is to raise money to help support the emergency medical staff in the area. Come out and hear some wonderful music and give to a good cause.

9-11pm - I Sebastiani
The Greatest Commedia del Arte troupe in the World! They will be performing one of their funniest pieces to date. Come see the revival of a period theatre style taken to its funniest.

Monday- 8/16

6:30-8pm - Coribantes
The Coribantes theatrical troupe will be performing a period musical miracle play. Experience period theatre at its finest.

8-9pm - The Choir of the  Debatable Lands
Beautiful period music performed by one of the premier choirs in the Known World.

9-11pm - I Genesii
This commedia del arte troupe is a Pennsic favorite. Their comic antics have been amusing audiences for years. Laugh until you have to find a Port-a-John. Come for an evening of ribald entertainment.

Tuesday- 8/17

1-4pm - Middle Eastern Dance Exposition
8-9pm - Fianna- Celtic Filk Music
9-11pm - Onca- Middle Eastern Dance

Wednesday- 8/18

1-4pm - Known World Harp Exhibition
6-7:30pm - Drakelaw Minstrels
7:30-9pm - Cave Canum- Period Theatre 9-11pm - Marian of Heatherdale and Guests

Thursday- 8/19

12-12:30pm - Children's Theatre Performance
2-6pm - Bardic Arts Exhibition
6:30-8pm - Known World Choir
8-9pm - Jubilatores- Period Musicians of the Highest Caliber
9-11pm - Desert Moon Dancers

Friday- 8/20

2-4pm - Coxcomb Graduation
6-8pm - Known World Players Performance- "Canterbury Tales"
8-11pm - Turku

Lord John von der Velde
Pennsic Performing Arts