[ANT] Hocktide Emprise

The shires of Glyn Dwfn and Southmarch (in the farthest southern reaches of the realm) are pleased to bring you this wonderful event that offers something for everyone. This is not your grandpater's equestrian event!

Of course there are more Equestrian competitions and activities than you can shake a well aimed horse tail at, but we also offer, Heavy tournaments, Rapier, Archery, Arts and Sciences, classes & activities. You can find all manner of details on the event web site.

The shires are working furiously on a treasure trove of stunning prizes. Following Hocktide Emprise tradition, we have two more incredible appliqué cloaks. One is a prize and the other is a fundraiser and could be yours!. Amongst the many, many items are, a Carved Armor repair chest, handmade quiver, several handmade jewelry items, a belt buckle and tip from Raymond's Quiet Press, and in celebration of Their Majesties attendance, Mistress Keterlin is fashioning a one of a kind appliqué saddle blanket of Scythian style.

You can check the progress on some of the items on not one but two blogs. For those on LJ, there is http://amazing-cloaks.livejournal.com/ or there is http://hocktide.com/blog/ if LJ isn't your cup of tea. Follow our journey and see the blood, sweat and tears that go into the making of some of these great prizes.

Join us at the beautiful Farwood Equestrian Park where the Silver Gryphon of the Summits looks down from her perch upon the very summit that holds up the sky. To celebrate Spring, there will be that most ancient of observations, a bonfire on Saturday Night. What better way to enjoy the weekend than sharing good times with friends old and new?