[MER] Iris Faire

The Shire of Glaedenfeld invites all to our annual Iris Faire! The event will include a full day of fighting with our traditional Golden Iris and Silver Iris Tourneys.

There will be a full day's activities planned for our A&S Workshop, and a Regional A&S Faire. Schedules and activities will be listed below as details become available.

Montgomery Bell State Park
1020 Jackson Hill Road
Burns, TN 37029

Site is very discreetly wet.

Site opens at 5pm Friday, April 15th and closes at 10am Sunday, April 17th.


Adult Member Rates Pre-registration     Weekend     Daytrip     Add Feast
Before 2/15/2011     $11     $8     $7
After 2/15/2011     $13     $9     $7
Child Member (ages 6-12) Rates Pre-registration     Weekend     Daytrip     Add Feast
Before 2/15/2011     $6     $4     $7
After 2/15/2011     $7     $5     $7

Send Reservations to:
Shire of Glaedenfeld
PO Box 41416
Nashville, TN 37204

Make Checks payable to:
SCA, Inc./Shire of Glaedenfeld

Please add an additional $5.00 for each non-member of the SCA who will attend.

Please note: Children 5 and under are free. Breakfast and Lunch are included in the site fee and do not require you to pay for Feast (dinner on Saturday night).

Also, per Kingdom law, no family will pay more than 3 adult admissions as long as the children are age 15 and under and are members of the SCA.

There will be a Regional A&S Faire at Iris Faire. Please contact Mistress Marsali (arts_sciences@meridies.org) for further information and to get the most current A&S Faire judging forms- the latest forms are not available on line. Documentation is require for all Kingdom or Regional Faire entries or the entry will be automatically disqualified. Look for the March 2011 PC letter from Mistress Marsali for updates regarding the Regional A&S Faire hosted at Iris Faire.


   1. Take your best route to I-40 Exit 182 (Fairview/Dickson Hwy. 96 exit)
   2. Turn West onto Highway 96
   3. Stay on Highway 96 until it dead-ends at Highway 70
   4. Turn right (East) on Highway 70; off-ramp provided
   5. Stay on Highway 70 approximately 3 miles
   6. Montgomery Bell State Park entrance is on the right