[OUT] Outlands Spring Coronation

The Winter King has maintained the strength of the Kingdom through the dark cold nights and terrible War. Spring has come and the Stags have fought to establish their Supremacy for the Summer Throne. A Victor has been declared and a new Consort will grace his side.

Come and see the Dread Lord of Argonia ascend the Mighty Stag Throne.

Saturday May 14th - Coronation will be held at Kirk Hall within the Douglas County Fairgrounds complex. Tournaments will be held at the nearby field for the Queen’s Protector and Queen’s Champion. Site Opens at 9:00am with schedule at Their Majesties Whim.

SITE IS WET. Alcohol consumption must be contained within Kirk Hall. No alcohol will be allowed on/near/in transit to the Tournament field. All the land's laws regarding the consumption of alcohol will be observed and upheld.

There will be a lunch fundraiser for the Kingdom Travel Fund.

Caravans bearing tribute are arriving daily. Using this bounty, a Tribute Feast will be prepared by Mistress Aldyth Trefaldwyn.

Here is our menu throughout the Glorious Day:

During Court:

Vermillioned Eggs, Dressed Greens, Pita, Hummus, Dilled Yoghurt.

The Feast:

From Rome:
Wild Boar in Honey and Fruit, Parsnips and Cheese, Green Beans with Leeks

From Germania:
Garlicky Beef, Dumplings, Cabbages

From Constantinople:
Lamb (Salma), Puffed Onions, Beets in Sauce

From Brittania:
Fowl Carbonados, White Pie, Pottage with Whole Herbs

Dessert Sideboard:
Fine Cakes, Sweet-filled Layered Cookies, Sweet-filled Pastries

There will be NO offboard seating. Feast is limited to the first 250 paid reservations, or May 1, 2011 deadline, whichever is arrived at first. If you have food aversions or allergies, please contact Mistress Aldyth and she will see what can be arranged.


Saturday May 14: Site and Feast - preregistered only - no feast seats will be available at the door.

    * Adults $15
    * 12 and under $7
    * Under 6 free
    * Family Cap $45
    * $5 Non-Member Surcharge will apply for Adults

On your sent reservation please provide modern names and society names for everyone you are paying for. You will be showing your membership card at gate, where if you aren't a member, you will be responsible for paying your NMS. If you provide an email address, Mistress Aldyth will email you a confirmation when she receives your reservation.

Site Fee day of event

    * $10 adults
    * 12 and under $5
    * Under 1 Free
    * Family Cap $35
    * $5 Non-Member Surcharge will apply for Adults

Sunday May 15th – Peer Circles and a War Practice will be held on Sunday at Centennial Park in Castle Rock.

Schedule for Sunday:

    8am Chivalry
    9am Laurel
    10am Pelican
    11am White Scarf

Meeting schedules are subject to Their Majesties Whims.

The War Practice will be held from 9 am until 1 pm. Come get ready for Battlemoor!

    Centennial Park
    22 N. Gilbert St.
    Castle Rock, CO

The Circles will be held under the Pavilions on the west side of the park. The War Practice will be held on the field on the southwest side. Site is dry. Pets must be leashed. Children must be supervised.

Note: Shade/shelter will be provided on the Tournament field. Only the provided shades will be allowed, unless the shelter is stakeless.

Note: The Fairgrounds Complex will also be host to non-SCA Equestrian, Hound and Sports events on this day. Children will need to be supervised at all times.

Douglas County Fairgrounds – Kirk Hall
500 Fairgrounds Rd. Castle Rock, CO 80104

Make your best way to exit 181 on I-25. Turn east onto Plum Creek Parkway. Take the third left onto Fairgrounds Rd. Kirk Hall is the building at the end of the road, towards the left of the arena. Parking is in the lot to the left, ONLY. Shuttle service will be provided to the Tournament field which is to the east on the other side of the main Event Center building. Parking in the lot near the field may be limited due to other events.

Event Steward: Lady Signý Gyðadóttir
Feast Steward: Mistress Mistress Aldyth Trefaldwyn

Send Reservations to:
Mistress Aldyth Trefaldwyn

Make checks payable to SCA Inc. – Outlands and please include the names and SCA names of those you are preregistering. Pre-registration ends May 1, 2011.