Drea Leed publishes Elizabethan costume book online

Costume historian Drea Leed has recently published the wardrobe inventories of Queen Elizabeth I. Her work is available online in a searchable format.

Leed writes:

A fascination with her costume, and the dress of her era, has remained through the 18th century, Victorian times, and to this very day. Many books have been written about it, including the comprehensive and detailed masterwork by Janet Arnold, Queen Elizabeth's Wardrobe Unlock'd.

This book was based, in part, upon the extensive analysis of Queen Elizabeth's wardrobe accounts, specifically upon the manuscript MS Egerton 2806 held by the British Library. Unfortunately, though Arnold had transcribed the manuscript for her own use, it has never been published...until now.

Queen Elizabeth's Wardrobe Uploaded holds the transcribed contents of MS Egerton 2806: The complete record of what Queen Elizabeth's tailors made, altered and bought between the years 1568 and 1588. I have spent the last several years transcribing the manuscript from microfilm, proofing it, and building a web database application that I have loaded it into, to facilitate searching and browsing.