moved to new server

Late Sunday evening, we completed migration to our new server.  If you are reading this, your ISP has found the new location.

Some Internet service providers (ISPs) may take a few hours, or perhaps up to a day, to notice the change. If you have an acquaintance who is having trouble reaching our URL today, please ask them to be patient, and to contact their ISP if they still can't access the site by Monday afternoon.

Our new server is a fully-virtual server provided by, an Open Source friendly hosting provider. The virtual environment gives our technical staff better remote access to solve problems. We also have an improved Domain Name Service (DNS) infrastructure, which is the critical component that allows your browser to find us. Our old DNS setup had two redundant servers, located at the same site. Our new one has five redundant servers scattered across several countries. This should improve reliability and may improve performance for some of our international visitors.

We are not aware of any technical problems at this time, but there is always the possibility of an unforseen glitch. We thank you for your patience if we need to resolve any issues over the next couple of days.