[MID] Northern Oaken War Maneuvers XV

The Barony of the Cleftlands and The Shire of Falcon's Quarry present Northern Oaken War Maneuvers XV This Is Your Call To Action!

NOWM once again returns to
Ukrainian American Youth Association Resort
47890 Bursley Rd.
Wellington, OH 44090

Construction alert! The northern routes to the site may be disrupted by road construction.

Site open to the populace: Friday, June 10, 3pm through Sunday, June 12, 3pm

Activities begin Friday afternoon/evening, and include:

    * Heavy Combat, Siege Weapons, Combat Archery: tourneys and melees
    * Rapier Combat: tourneys and melees
    * Archery: tourneys and open range
    * Thrown Weapons: tourneys and open range
    * By Torchlight Friday night: Heavy and Rapier Tourneys and an Archery Shoot!
    * Hound Coursing
    * Return of the Cookie War!
    * Classes, classes, classes!
    * Artisans Row
    * Youth: A&S activities, and Youth Combat, Rapier and Archery
    * Her Excellency's Excellent Bowles Tournament
    * Brewers Roundtable
    * Performing Arts all day, the Kavehane, evening concerts and bardic competition
    * Merchants galore and Roam NOWM Scavenger Hunt
    * The NOWM Swimmin' Beach
    * The Kiev Pierogi Hut Friday night and Saturday, and the Breakfast Tavern Saturday and Sunday mornings

... and, of course, the Hafla and the Knotty Dragon Tavern!

Construction Alert!

The Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) has closed OH 58 just north of Wellington until June 11, 2011 - right in the middle of our event. ODOT has a reasonably good record of completing projects ahead of schedule, so it's possible this will be a non-issue, but there will be no way to be certain until shortly before the event. Check the ODOT "Buckeye Traffic" site (external to this site) for information on construction progress:


(Zoom in on Lorain, about center in the upper part of the map. Check the box "Closures & Restrictions" on the left, then "Update Map". This particular closure is about 20 miles due south of Lorain.)

Note that the ODOT alternate route is useful only if you are travelling through downtown Oberlin to Wellington (e.g., from Lorain itself). We have provided adjustments to our recommended routes below.

Those approaching from the West and South should not be affected.