Save the Philadelphia textiles!

On the A Fashionable Excuse blog, Lady Elizabeth of Rivenstar reports that a box of 15th-16th century textiles was recently discovered in the Design Center of Philadelphia University. Now a fundraiser is in the works where those willing to donate will be given access to study the fabrics. (photo)

From the blog:

So here is the deal, as a fund raiser they have agreed to host *a small hands on exhibition of these textiles*.  This means that those who go can examine them up close, in detail for a long duration (maybe two hours total for the tour). The whole box will be pulled (I think).  And yes, photos, sketches, magnifying  glasses are all welcome. Go ahead and count the threads per inch, it's fine.

The tour will be approximately 10-20 folks and since its a fund raiser it will be somewhere between $50-100 a person. The money will go directly to helping *these *textiles get better housing in larger boxes and for some flat preservation.