[LOC] Crescent Fence

Modeled on Fencing Fest, Crescent Fence is a three-day indoor fencing event. Minimal structure is planned allowing plenty of time for melee, authorizations, scenarios, training sessions, cut and thrust, chances to pick the brains of fencing geeks, guild prizes and the opportunity to fence until you die.

This weekend is open to current and future combatants, those who wish to learn and those who just want to come and watch. Anyone who has an interest in civilian combat will find something of value at Crescent Fence. It's going to be fun!

Location Karori Scout Hall, 156 Capbell Street, Karori, Wellington
Any other infomation (travel to/from site, possible places to crash over the weekend) Contact the stewart thanks.

Please contact me if you are interested in teaching a class. It doesn't have to be fencing specific, just medieval or renaissance civilian combat.

Contact the steward below to book. Please include:
- Mundane Name
- SCA Name
- Membership Number
Bookings close Close June 1

Whole Weekend $25

Steward - Thomas of Darton
Email - darkknight142@hotmail.com