[WES] Cynaguan May Coronet

May 27 to 30 is May Coronet. It is at the same site as last year (2331 Silver Creek Road, Meadow Valley, CA 95956). Site opens Friday at noon closes Monday at 5 PM. Midnight is the quiet hour when sound should stay inside your tent walls.

Friday: Bring games to play on the Eric.

Saturday: Rapier Tourney in the morning, Arts of War Challenge in the afternoon (Part One: Heads, Rings, and Reeds at any speed Part Two: 1 pass with the lance, mounted combat of three blows, and Pas over the barrier within the quarters). Before the event you need to Contact Shiobhan ni Seaghdha if you want to rent a horse, get authorized, or have questions:diannekarp@gmail.com.

Arts and Science will be holding classes on documentation and on judging plus the competitions: Stink pretty bags for armor bag/box (no documentation) and Outdoor Children's games with 2-3 pages of documentation.

Sat. Evening is a Japanese Themed party night. At some point in the day will be archery.

Sunday: Standard double elimination tourney. Bardic competition that evening: Bard's choice, period piece, piece reflecting the beauty of Cynagua, and a piece composed on site to include two given words.

Monday: Lord Defender Tourney: Round Robin, Battle Scenario, Double Elimination final.

There are no amenities on this site so bring water and haul out your trash. Standard SCA pet rules and horses are welcome. There is creek but the water is not potable. Children who go to the creek area need to be accompanied by an adult (The water is very cold. If this weather keeps up it may be deeper than you remember and faster.).

Africa, shiomha@aol.com
Autocrat for May Coronet