Bayeux Tapestry: Tape backup media, medieval style

An article in The Register, an information technology publication online, concludes that the Bayeux Tapestry is perhaps the world's oldest example of a tape backup system.

With a total capacity of 2.429 megabytes and a cumulative write time of ten years, the average bandwidth to the medium was approximately 10.84 bytes per hour, according to the article by Chris Mellor. This puts the Bayeux Tapestry's speed into the same league as modern-world internet technologies such as the avian carriers described in RFC-1194 from the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF), and many of the allegedly 3G cell phone providers.

Thanks to the Honourable Lord Guillaume des Pyrenees from the fair Kingdom of Meridies for providing the link to this amusing Bayeux Tapestry article. The link to RFC-1194 came from the dusty archives of Justin's technogeek brain and the twisted souls at the IETF. For the non-techies in the crowd: The IETF is real -- they are the principal standards-making organization for the Internet. Yes, the same people who standardized TCP/IP and DNS also created...that. Strange things happen to techies who have time on their hands and not enough caffeine.