Baroness Eularia Trewe inducted into the Order of the Pelican

Baroness Eularia Trewe, Vicereine of the Crown Province of Ostgardr in the East Kingdom, was inducted into the Order of the Pelican at Mudthaw in the Barony of Settmour Swamp recently.

Baroness Eularia was called into court in the morning by their Majesties Gryffyth II and Aekaterine II, and sent on vigil. She was so surprised by the attention that she burst into tears of joy as the Order was called. Helped from the court by her husband, Baron Alexandre Lerot D'Avigne, Viceroy of Ostgardr, she was taken to her vigil and spent the day between tears of joy and happy laughter as peers and friends from all over came to speak to her. 

At Court at the end of the day she processed in with some of the officers of the Crown Province, as well as some of the populace in attendance. Her personal arms were carried in, and her herald for the procession was Malcom Bowman, a member of her local household, Sharc Pit, a notable fencing and service household. As she knelt in front of Their Majesties, members of each of the peerage orders spoke on her behalf. Sir Antonio Patrasso spoke for the Chivalry, Duchess Isabella of York spoke for the Laurels, Mistress Alys Macintosh spoke for the Pelicans, and Countess Brekke Frankisdottir spoke for the Ladies of the Rose. Each spoke of her services, of her devotion to detail and organization, of her kindness and compassion. Each speech brought new smiles and happy tears as she heard their words of praise. 

Her cloak was a plain affair on the outside, black wool, but inside was an amazing display of argent and purpure chevrons, with patches of the Pelican in Her Piety on each front side. Six patches in all, each lovingly embroidered by members of her household in different styles. The medallion was a legacy of her house, with history going back to the first holder of the medallion in 1984! Each holder's name was engraved onto the back of the medallion, with extra rounds for all the names tagged on behind. Her own name had already been added to the list, with the date of the induction. 

The scroll was a beautiful labor of love. On vellum, and looking as if it had been taken from a real manuscript page, were words in Latin, with an interlinear translation into English. The style of the wording was taken from a letter from King John of England to his mother, the dowager Queen Eleanor, confirming her rights to her lands in Poitou. The scroll was read in both the Latin and the English, with the Latin being read by her husband, Baron Alexandre. The scroll was a nod to her persona, and also to her participation in the production of Lion in Winter at Pennsic a few years ago, in which she played Eleanor of Aquitaine.

The new Mistress Eularia Trewe is well loved by the people of Ostgardr and her household, Sharc Pit. Many joyed hands to create this day for her, and we rejoice in the accolade with her.

St. Mary's Abbey

 The cloak and medallion for Mistress Eularia Trewe are from the household of St. Mary's Abbey, in the Kingdom of the Outlands. This information escaped the writer of this article at the time of writing. 

My apologies for the omission.

- Lilie Dubh