Ealdormere Crown Tourney Results

The new Prince and Princess of Ealdormere are Malik and Genevieve Ealdormere's 13th Crown Tourney was fought in the Shire of Trinovantia Nova on May 15. Nineteen combattants and consorts entered the lists. Before the tourney began, King Berus mentioned that May 16 would be the fifth anniversary of the death of King Osis and Lady Bernadette in a traffic accicent. His Majesty, who had been Osis' squire, urged everyone to remember them during the day.

The tourney was honourably fought, and the finals came down to Master Trumbrand the Wanderer (MSCA), fighting for THL Kaylah the Cheerful, and Baron Malik 'abd al-Rahman, fighting for Maitresse Baronne Genevieve Genevieve Chastellain d'Anjou (OL, OP). Baron Malik was no stranger to the finals of Crown Tourney, having finished second twic. He had come through the winners' bracket undefeated, besting both Sir Nigel and Sir Evander in a round-robin to advance. Master Trumbrand came through with only one loss, and won a round robin which included both Sir Nigel and Sir Evander as well as Sir Menken and THL Etian. The finals was to consist of up to three matches with three bouts each. Baron Malik won the first match in two bouts and the second in three.