Enchanted Ground at Pennsic

His Grace, Duke Cariadoc, has announced that the Enchanted Ground will again be open for campers and visitors at this year's Pennsic War.

His Grace writes:

This year, as usual, my lady wife and I will be hosting the Enchanted Ground, an in persona encampment at Pennsic. The idea is to have a space within which one can imagine oneself to actually be at some indefinite time and place in SCA period--joint fantasy rather than medieval costume party.

The requirements for participating are pretty straightforward. So far as physical authenticity, there should be nothing visible from outside your tent that is both obviously and unnecessarily out of period. "Obviously" means that there is no problem with fabric, for tents or clothing, that looks period but isn't, but Coleman lanterns and Coleman stoves are right out. "Unnecessarily" means that if you need glasses you can wear glasses and the rest of us will ignore them.

The more important objective is not physical but behavioral authenticity--interacting as our personae, not as our modern persons. That does not mean you have to have an elaborate persona story, still less that you have to tell it. It does mean remembering to talk about things from inside the story not from outside, "a style fashionable at Her Majesty's court," not "late sixteenth century Elizabethan."

Those curious about the encampment can find discussions in the Miscellany online. [See link below]

If you think you might be interested in joining us, feel free to correspond. Our usual location is a little ways downhill from the West Kingdom encampment, so you won't be too far from western friends. And if you don't feel like camping with us but are curious, you are welcome to visit, provided only that you abide by our customs when within the boundary.

I expect to be holding my usual bardic circle every evening I am on site, starting when it gets dark. Visitors may contribute poems, songs, or stories but are not required to. Pieces do not have to be actually period but should not be so obviously out of period as to break the illusion we are trying to create.

-- David/Cariadoc